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We are pleased to announce Sani Cycle!

This is a community bike ride / scavenger hunt / donation drive! Modeled after Seattle Bike Blog's 'Cranksgiving', teams of 1-5 riders will be delivering sanitary products and other supplies to various food banks in the Seattle area while competing in fun challenges!

Participants in this event will receive a prize, a link to join us afterwards for a super cool Zoom with super cool folks, and the satisfaction of a job well done and a Saturday well spent.

How to Do This

1. Choose your team! You can ride as a lone wolf or you can ride on a team of up to five folks. Try to choose folks that are already in your riding / living / interacting circles.

2. As a team choose your first two choices for food banks to donate to, and first two choices for time slots to donate within. You will be given your final food bank and time slot on July 31st.

 a. Your food bank options are:

  i. Byrd Barr Food Bank

  ii. Rainier Valley Food Bank

  iii. El Centro de la Raza

  iv. University Food Bank

 b. Your time slot options are:

  i. 10am - 11am

  ii. 11am - 12pm

  iii. 12pm - 1pm

3. Choose a team captain! This person will be filling out the registration form with the above info.

4. Each team member fills out the registration form! Woot! Now you're ready to go!

5. While you’re waiting for July 31st to get your final details, start gathering your general sanitary product donations. Incorporate this into your normal grocery routine, or ask friends and family if they have supplies they would like to donate to the cause.


Where do the donated items come from?

We’re asking you, the riders, to purchase the sanitary products to donate, or work with your friends and family to get even more donations. There is no minimum amount that we ask you to spend on donations- whatever you feel comfortable with is best. Even if it’s your moral support on the day of, we’re happy to have it!

Do you need a bike trailer for this event?

Nope, you don’t need a bike trailer to ride the Sani Cycle! Depending on your set-up you may want to donate items that are smaller and can fit in a backpack or panniers. No need to get anything fancy, and you can leave the diapers to other folks. Unfortunately since there are regular food deliveries still happening on August 1st we won’t have any extra bike trailers available to lend.

Will I be able to participate in both Sani Cycle and the morning U District Food Bank bike deliveries?

You will definitely be able to participate in both Sani Cycle as well as the U District morning bike deliveries. For the bike deliveries on Saturday we are extending the pickup and rollout time for volunteer riders all of the way from 9:30 (the standard time) to 11am. So if you drop your donations off at the U District food bank at 10am or 10:30am you will then be able to pick-up a bike trailer if you need to borrow one, choose a route, load up your bags and then roll out to make your deliveries and help to support your community doubly so!

How long is the ride (hours and miles)?

That’s up to you! You’ll get the details of which food bank you’re donating to and at what time on July 31st. How fast or slow you get there, which scavenger hunt items you complete and when, how many pit stops for doughnuts you make along the way, is all up to you!

Why just five riders to a team?

Both because of state health guidelines at this time and because of larger teams are quite unwieldy. If you have six folks- break off into two groups of 3 to compete against each other! (2nd place buys doughnuts)

How will you tally who wins?

We already know- we all win! Our neighbors win for getting more of the daily supplies they deserve and we win by reminding ourselves that we’re all in this together and when we support our neighbors we support our whole community. As far as actual points- think about this more as a shopping list or a checklist. These are ideas, and we want you to get out there, take pictures, have fun, and come to the zoom with stories to tell!

I would really really prefer a specific food bank or time. What should I do?

There are no guarantees, but email Maxwell Burton at maxburto @, and he’ll do his best to get you set up with your preferred food bank/time slot.

I want to support the Sani Ride and the Seattle Pedaling Relief Project, but I can’t come on August 1st. How else could I support?

Great question! These food banks are all in need of monetary donations or volunteer time. Click the links below to go to each food bank's donation page:

Or you could check out to see if there is a closer food bank in your area! Many food banks need sanitary products and support. If you’d like to support the Seattle Pedaling Relief project, just take a look above at the sign-up forms! We are working in 5 different food banks with 8 different events per week Tuesday - Saturday!


We are working to implement extra precautions for the safety of our riders and patrons due to COVID-19. These include requiring masks and gloves, and removing as many points of direct contact during deliveries.


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