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We are pleased to announce the Second Mary's Place to The Little Free pantries Ride & Drive!

Mary’s Place, Pedaling Relief Project and Little Free Pantries have collaborated on an event to redistribute non-perishable foods to local, mutual aid community groups and projects. We have witnessed an abundance of resources shared in the past 6 months by all levels of the community and Mary's Place has received more than they need for their six shelters. At present, they have an excess of several thousands of pounds of food that they want to redistribute with our help! As a team of community organizers, we want to continue helping others during the current health and climate emergency by supporting individuals and families who need assistance.

Join us at the White Center Food Bank or at the Bike Works warehouse in Columbia City on Thursday October 29th between 3 and 6pm, to help redistribute non-perishable food across the city. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to us as soon as possible to confirm a pick-up time. We will be limiting number of pickups in half hour increments to maintain social distancing.


It will be very wet on Thursday, can I drive rather than bike?

Yes, due to the extremely wet weather conditions expected on the day of the event we are encouraging participants to use whatever transportations method they are most comfortable with including riding or biking.


We are working to implement extra precautions for the safety of our riders and patrons due to COVID-19. These include requiring masks and gloves, and removing as many points of direct contact during the food donation drop-offs.


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