What is the SPRP?

SPRP stands for the Seattle Pedaling Relief Project. We are a grassroots, volunteer-run, cargo bike powered crisis response group on a mission to strengthen the already existing mutual aid networks in our local communities. We work in community with our partner not-for-profits to extend their reach and connect more and more families and individuals to the resources they need.

Our volunteers transport produce from p-patch gardens and urban farms to neighborhood food banks. We also organize rides for volunteers to deliver directly to community members on behalf of food banks. Ride distances and time commitments vary. We welcome anyone who is available to get out and pedal. We can also hook volunteers up with equipment.

We’ve emerged during these particularly hard times in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, we’re in this for the long haul. White supremacy is and has been the crisis. We recognize the greater systemic disasters out there and we are on a mission to dismantle structural oppression—combating food insecurity in the meantime. We believe bicycles are a tool for empowerment. We invite you to use the tools you have to help us increase food security in our area. We look forward to meeting you!

Who is organizing this effort?

The SPRP is currently headed by Mike Lang and Maxwell Burton. Mike (he/him) is a cargo bike enthusiast, an experienced bicycle mechanic, and an avid learner about how to build community resilience. Maxwell (he/him) is a practiced volunteer coordinator and educator, interested in mitigating food insecurity, and is also an experienced bicycle mechanic. David Lang (he/him) is our website designer, providing a neatly synthesized platform for our quickly constructed efforts. Bethany Burton (she/her) is our social media/outreach lead, helping us engage our community and keeping us informed on the most recent developments in social justice issues.

What is your mission?

To help those in need during times of crisis and to show all people the joy, power, and inclusivity of cargo cycling.

How can I sign up to help with deliveries?

Sign up to volunteer here

What if I don’t have a lot of cargo capacity on my bicycle?

No worries! We have been finding cargo bikes and trailers to loan out to those who can do deliveries, but do not have much cargo capacity on their bicycles. Our deliveries have typically been 3-4 grocery bags per rider, which amounts to 60-80 pounds of cargo. Unfortunately, backpacks or traditional bicycle panniers do not easily accommodate loads of this size and weight.

How can I sign up to donate or lend equipment?

If you have a bike trailer or cargo bike that you would like to donate please email me at maxburto at gmail.com!

I’ve already signed up on one of your forms. Do I have to enter my information again on new forms to be eligible for new volunteer opportunities?

For the time being, yes, we are asking volunteers to fill out all forms that match the volunteer opportunity they are interested in.

I have more questions that are not in this list

If you would like to learn more about the project or if you have a specific question please email your question to Maxwell at mmaxburto at gmail.com!


We are working to implement extra precautions for the safety of our riders and patrons due to COVID-19. These include requiring masks and gloves, and removing as many points of direct contact during deliveries.


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